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Airdrie High Kirk

The last Census data (2011) showed that our parish consists of around 1 800 households.


Our parish covers part of the north of Airdrie: Burnfoot, Golfhill, Broompark, The Common, some of Rochsoles, some of Whinhall, some of Chapelside and (adjacent to our Church) Gateside Street. 


Once the pandemic restrictions have been eased, the High Church will be extending an invitation to people from our parish to Sunday worship, special worship services, organisations, events and children’s activities. 


In the past couple of years, we have delivered leaflets around our parish with information on our Church as well as flyers to promote the two holiday clubs we have run. Many children and young people living in our parish enjoy being part of our Thursday Club, Mothers and Toddlers, 5th Airdrie Girls Brigade and 8th Airdrie Boys Brigade.       


Our minister conducts weddings and funerals for people who live in our parish.  


If the Airdrie High parish were a village of 100 people ……..   


6 would be in primary school 

5 would be in high school

23 would be aged between 25 and 44

18 would be aged 65 or over.


77 would be of working age (16-74), including

  • 33 who have no qualifications; 11 who have a University degree  
  • 30 who work full time; 13 who are retired


94 would describe themselves as 'White - Scottish'

8 would describe their health as bad or very bad 

10 would be providing unpaid care 


37 would say they belonged to the Church of Scotland


If the Airdrie High parish were a village of 100 households ……..   


35 households would consist of one person, 12 of whom are aged 65 and over 

26 would have have dependent children (aged under 16, or under 18 in full-time education) 

41 would be in rented accommodation 

64 would have access to at least one car or van 

3 would speak a language other than English in the home


For more on our parish please visit Find your local church | The Church of Scotland and enter our postcode ML6 6NE then click on Airdrie High at the top of the list of churches which appears.