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JAM Club

JAM Club - Jesus And Me

Our JAM Club meets on Sunday mornings from 11am - 12noonWe welcome all children of primary school age.  We join the congregation for the first 15 minutes of the service and then enjoy our own activities; crafts, stories, fun and games in the hall beside the church.  Bored on Sunday mornings?  Come along and join us!


Our Programme for the second half of this session is below.  We hope that parents will be able to use this to help them to follow up on some of the things we are learning about at JAM Club.  If you'd like more information, please speak to any of the JAM Club leaders.


28th Dec

4th Jan

11th Jan

18th Jan

25h Jan

1st Feb

8th Feb

15th Feb

22nd Feb


1st March

8th March

15th March

22nd March

29th March


5th April

12th April

19th April

26th April

3rd May

10th May

17th May

24th May

31st May

7th June

14th June

21st June






}Parables of Jesus








}John the Baptist






} Samson








} Preparation for Summer

} Family Service

 Summer Family Service


The Good Samaritan

The Lost Coin

The Prodigal Son

Wise and Foolish Builders

Lost Sheep

The Talents

The Sower

Wise and Foolish Virgins

The Rich Man and Lazarus


Birth of John

Prophecying about Jesus

Baptism of Jesus

Death of John



Birth of Samson

Samson Defeats the Philistines

Samson and Deliliah

Death of Samson

Birth of Samuel

Eli's Sons

The Lord Calls Samuel

Samuel Rules Israel

Biblical Reference

Luke 10 v29-37
Luke 15 v8-10
Luke 15 v11-32
Matthew 7 v24-27
Luke 15 v3-7
Matthew 25 v14-30
Matthew 13 v1-9, 18-23
Matthew 25 v1-13
Luke 16 v19-31


Luke 1 v5-25, 57-66
Matthew 3 v1-12
Matthew 3 v13-17
Matthew 14 v1-12


Judges 13
Judges 15 v9-20
Judges 16 v4-22
Judges 16 v23 -31


1 Samuel 1
1 Samuel 2 v11-26
1 Samuel 3
1 Samuel 7 v2-17


Although there is no formal JAM Club over the school summer holiday, events and activities for children run during the service every Sunday throughout July and August


These are just some of the activities we enjoyed last session:

garden of eden
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When we were hearing the story of Joseph we decorated gingerbread men as Joseph and his brothers.

We learnt about creation and the younger group made our very own Gardens of Eden in biscuit tins!

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We also made our own creations in special modelling clay; after they were baked they could be used as erasers.

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We made and decorated our own Noah's Arks and went out with a trundle wheel to measure how big the original ark actually was... it stretched from our church a LONG way down the street!

Some of our JAM Clubbers